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B.KEYLER "A modern day Janis Joplin!"
A Female Van Morrison!"
"A norwegian Bonnie Raitt" and some journalist compare Beathe Keylers voice with artists like KT Tunstall and Rory Blocks.
Beathe Keyler is the artist name of Beathe Kuchler. She is a songwriter and composer. A musician and a producer. She was born in 1967 in Bergen , Norway, named Beathe Dyngeland and grew up with parents, one sister and two brothers. In the family home there where always room for creativity and impulsive acts for both children and grownups, and surrounded with lots of music, dancing and singing she was a very happy child. Beathe sang before she could speak and felt that the music was her path, but eagered also strongly to be a dancer or an actress in her youth. She moved to Oslo, as she was seventeen, and tried to get a chance at the State School of Acting, but without any luck. She was totally devastated for about a month and took the high-school in Oslo instead and went out to work different jobs after that. After a fantastic Pink Floyd concert in Oslo, nineteen years old , she went out and bought herself her first guitar. After month and years with a lot of practising and playing, tender fingertips and sour tunes, she started making her own songs. Beathe moved to Germany in 1993 and lived there for five years. She got children and used her time getting to know how it is to be a mother. When the children got older and the guitar found its place in her lap again, she wrote more music and learnt how to play other instruments. Back in Norway today, Beathe Keyler is a mature and free artist in her performance. Beathe has no formal music education, but has studied language and computer-science at the University of Bergen and has also been a teacher, in the Steinerskole (Waldorf) among others. She has been singing & playing in several bands since she was 15 years old, but took her first step in 2005 as a solo artist. Beathe Keyler prefers the acoustic guitar, but plays the harmonica, keyboards and the Irish Bodhran drum as well. Beathe is very much inspired by Bob Dylan within the folk and rock genre. Beathe Keyler grew up with Pink Floyd and their music, who impressed her to be “the kings of sound” and who inspired her to buy herself the first guitar. They are still her idols within sound and compositions. The artist Kari Bremnes inspires Beathe Keyler within the Norwegian music and is her absolute favourite. Beathe Keylers biggest passion is the soul and blues genre and singers like Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding have a special place in her heart! They are just the very best ?. The temperamental, energetic and also the sentimental colours the Keyler-music as it is today. The lyric is both deep and reflected to more challenging. She makes music within the blues and rock genre, but also jazz and pop. Beathe Keyler has a special liking for words. She has worked a lot with words and lyrics, and being able to combine this with her own musical compositions gives her immense pleasure. She wants to share her music with more people, and released therefore her solo album Come on home in 2006. Beathe has her own indie label called Medea Records B. Kuchler and she is the (p) and © responsible publisher of her music and it gives her immense freedom to both be the creating artist and the producer of her own music, even if it takes a lot more extra hours in the office and investments as well. Maybe Beathes education within language and computer-science can be useful after all.

The Norwegian Artist B. Keyler


"Echoes" Album/CD by B. Keyler released 24.10.2017.

B. Keyler "Echoes" Album/Cd

Echoes contains 8 songs: Shot, You`re Leaving, Six Feet Under/Echoes, Holding Hands, I Know, One More Day, Take The Ride og The Reason Why.
Shot, One More Day, Take The Ride and The Reason Why were recorded by Medea Records Studio/Julian W. Wentzeck, while The Reason Why song also got some bass/guitar-tracks recorded by Jan Tommy Stange Jensen in Bergen,
Six Feet Under/Echoes, I Know and You`re Leaving are recorded by Beatstone Studio/Arne Wilhelmsen, and the songs Holding Hands and The Reason Why got remixed and got mastered by Beatstone Studio and Medea Records in Bergen.
All songs written by B.Keyler. B.Keyler Band musicians are Beathe Keyler (Vocals/guitar/synth/harmonica/choir), Frank Bjørø (El.guitar/vocals/choir), John Andrew Brottemsmo (Bass/choir), Sjur Paulo Hansen (Drums/choir). Chriss Krüger (Fretless Bass on Shot song). Rythme-prog. by Julian W. Wentzeck (on One More Day song) and Arne Wilhelmsen (on You`re Leaving and The Reason Why songs)


B. Keyler Music

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The CD-Album "Organic" got great reviews in URB MAGAZINE (US) and The EP "Seven Stars" received "THE GREAT MUSIC INDIE AWARD" USA in 2009!"

Here is the music video "Six Feet Under" (Nov.2017) The title track from B. Keyler latest release "Echoes"- Filmed by Terje K. Rasmussen.

Beathe Keyler loves to play live & to meet with her audience & play concerts together with her musicians in B.Keyler Band!

B. Keyer`s released "Ocean" in 2012
The EP/CD "Ocean" containes 4 energetic songs within the Blues, Rock, Jazz & Pop genres and all members of the B. Keyler Band have been a part of this recording & with their own arrangements: Jens Ove Halvorsen (el.guitar), Chriss Krüger (bass), Sjur Paulo Hansen (drums, perk, back.vocal) and Beathe Keyler (ac.guitar, vocal, synth, bodhran) The sound technicians Glenn Andrè Tvedt & Jørgen Falck, recorded, mixed & mastered this EP/CD and Beathe was the producer.
Ocean released world wide 27.04.2012 and containes 4 songs:
1. I Wisper Your Name, 2. Mama, 3. Stay, 4. Ocean
The songtrack nr 1 got a lot of great comments & attantions from fans & listeners in the USA; Some comments was unexpected & very positive:
"Keyler sounds like a modern day Janis Joplin!" and "The rhythme and feel in her song I wisper your name reminded me of movie pictures like Mission impossible & I want to hear more!"
"Great vocals with lots of energy and such nice flute & rock guitar mix!".
The song Stay is the most popular song on this CD & it gets radio airplay & great attantion around the world.
Beathe writes her own songs,is her own producer and launched Ocean from her own indie label: Medea Records B. Kuchler in Bergen (N).
Ocean is as a taste of Beathes favourite decade "The seventies" and you can for sure hear it on this release.

B. Keyler released her second album/CD "Organic" 16 January 2009 with totally 9 songs!
1.Freaky Moments, 2.It`s who I am/ I`m running in, 3.When You`re Gone, 4.Organic, 5.Another Time, 6.The Sweetest Kiss, 7.Seven Stars, 8.I wanna lay in your arms 9.I wish.

Organic got selected by URB Magazine, USA and received a magical review 21.01.2009!
Proclaiming oneself to be the female Van Morrison can be damning for anyone less talented than bluesy vocal powerhouse B. Keyler.
The Norwegian singer/songwriter rediscovered her voice and her acoustic guitar several years into motherhood when her children had all but grown up. Her rich, smoky voice is the sound of a woman who has weathered many storms, seen it all, and has become all the stronger for it. “Organic” is buoyed by Keyler`s dark, cathartic wails and a menacing, overdriven guitar hook, the perfect musical backdrop for a drive through the warm night air. by Amorn Bholsangngam

Beathe Keyler received "The Great Indie Award, January 2009 FROM USA for the EP/CD Seven Stars!
Seven Stars, EP/CD was released with 4 Keyler songs,
Seven Stars, It`s who I am, I wanna Lay in your arms and I Wish!
as a pretaste for theupcoming Albumet "Organic" which released January 2009.
and...Seven Stars received great reviews and award from the USA.
Author:Chris & the Reviewer Team.
Here`s what the author wrote
The Energetic Singer/Songwriter EP “Seven Stars” is an energetic four-song rock EP from Norwegian singer/songwriter B. Keyler. B. Keyler brings great vocal styling to the table with an impressive range, a strong voice, and an original delivery reminiscent of KT Tunstall and the cutesy European vocals of Regina Spektor. “Seven Stars” has four great rock arrangements with melodic and rhythmic tones, nice guitar work, and solos to boot. This EP was self-produced, giving B. Keyler the freedom to perfect her sound, and she succeeds. “It’s Who I Am” features a nice arrangement with great acoustic and electric layering and an excellent vocal performance in which B. Keyler is really displays a great amount of passion in her delivery. “I Wish” is a more lyrical track, but it also has a nice arrangement, slick reggae guitar work and a great Spektor-esque vocal delivery. Overall, “Seven Stars” is an impressive showing from a great female vocalist that leaves the listener eager to hear what she’ll do next. Fans of rhythmic modern rock and original female vocal styling should look into B. Keyler

B. Keyler released her debute album/CD "Come on home" 30 March 2006 with 11 Keyler songs!
Didn`t you hear me crying, Give me a river, Play the game, The days with you, Come on home Too much coffee, I miss you so, Please, A beautiful day, Every Hour Every Day and Turn out the lights. Beathe Keyler Debute album/CD received great reviews in Norway and in the EU. The English music magasine Bluesmatters ( December2006/January 2007 issue) wrote about her debute album and said:
This is an exceptional solo album of love, yearning, hope and regret!
The norwegian solo artist music just drags you in and doesn`t let you go.
B. Keyler sounds like KT Tunstall big sister and Rory Blocks little sister!
Bluesmatter, UK Terningkast 5. Author: Stuart A. Hamilton.UK.
Lovende og moden debut fra Bergen!
- Fordomsfri sjangerblanding !
Musikken er Rufsete, ekte og rå. En Norsk Bonne Raitt?

Ja, sammenligningen er slett ikke ueffen. Beathe viser faktisk større musikalsk spennvidde enn den amerikanske rootsdronninga., Tromsø. Terningkast 5. Author: Tor H. Bergsrud
Dagsavisen, Oslo - En Solid debut!
Ut av nærmest ingenting kommer bergenske Beathe Keyler med en moden debutplate. Vi snakker om en slags viseplate – den akustiske gitaren er hovedinstrumentet – men langt mer uflidd i kantene. Her er også både country og rock.
Som om ikke det var nok at hun spilte flere instrumenter,har Keyler også produsert albumet selv, noe hun stort sett har hatt en heldig hånd med.Hun har gitt musikken et organisk lydbilde ikke ulikt slik vi er vant til å høre det når Daniel Lanois har styrt spakene.
Dagsavisen, Oslo. Terningkast 4. Author: Thomas Berg


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DVD from B. Keyler Band and their big Autumn concert 2009 together with Ulsmåg School choir

The video sound-recording of this DVD is Live and the quality varies a bit, but it is great filmed, with good flow and great scenes and you will get to see and enjoy the 12 Keyler songs live which will sure drag you in. En LIO Productions, May 2010


The Music of the Norwegian artist Beathe Keyler radio airplay in many states and countries in the EU, AU and in the US Click here to see the world map showing where the Keyler music is most radio air played.
The Radio is still quite magical, and hopefully you will get to hear some Beathe Keyler songs at your local radio stations too.

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